Why We Exist

We were dining at a restaurant we often visit in Little Rock, Arkansas when I noticed a shirt worn by the bartender that I really liked. I asked if they had it in my size, she informed me that they didn’t and suggested I return in about a week to check again. So, naturally, I kept coming back for dinner the following weeks and asked repeatedly. During one of these visits, she mentioned that they only had a couple of 4XL shirts left and couldn’t order more until those were sold. I found this frustrating.

As a Chief Marketing Officer with a background in graphic design and web development, I took matters into my own hands. I founded Relaxed Creative and collaborated with the restaurant to obtain their vector art. I then set up a FREE online store, allowing customers to purchase the shirt in various sizes and on different types of apparel and products, all accessible online. Additionally, I created a QR code that we placed on all the napkin holders, enabling customers to shop while enjoying their meals. This approach proved successful, and now I’m eager to involve more people in this exciting venture!

  • What We Can Handle

    • The printing and shipping to save you time and money
    • No need to buy in bulk or keep merchandise in-store
    • Expand your product line quickly and easily, do more than just shirts and hats
    • No limit on the amount of items in the store
    • Ability to provide custom coupons for items during checkout
  • What We Can Help With

    • Revive old designs that customers ask about, all we need is an image file or a clean photo of the shirt to recreate the artwork
    • Online store with custom header image and company information
    • Stickers or postcards with QR codes to place around your store and hand out to customers
    • Advertising options available


Large / Small Businesses

  • Setup fee included
  • You pocket 85% of the profits*
  • Fulfillment and shipping included
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Non-Profit & Start-Ups

  • Setup fee included
  • You pocket 90% of the profits*
  • Fulfillment and shipping included
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* Profits vary depending on product chosen and margin chosen.